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The Kids Good Manners Company's products reinforce positive role models and values taught by parents, grandparents, teachers and day-care providers. Our products help improve children's manners and to teach the youngest members of our society about the benefit and need for manners and how civility improves life. Polite Behavior should be a way of life, not something you practice only at a special occaion. Manners should become something a child does automatically, whether at home or away.

                             Everyday Lessons For a Lifetime!


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                       The Kids Good Manners DVD                                 The Kids Good Manners Book


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              Love Bear Pendulum Clock                      Noah's Ark Pendulum Clock


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                  Penquin Door Plate                                    Honey Bear Door Plate



               Bear Promise Board                                    Soccer Promise Board



                    Cat Alphabet Board                                Fun Time Alphabet Board


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                              Name Frames                                        Personalized Calenders



 Tug Boat Jig Saw



Train Jig Saw


What people are saying about The Kids Good Manners DVD:


"The Kids are interested and entertained  

while learning proper behavior in many situations.

What a great tool." 

- Elementary school teacher Janice Barr.


"A DVD that teaches good behavior 
and has been very successful in my home.

Is there a parent who wouldn't buy one?"

- Mother Sarah Meyer.


"My grandson genuinely loves the DVD 
and learns good manners in an enjoyable way!" 

- Grandmother Betty Summerville.


"All I have to do now is refer to

The Kids Good Manners DVD 
and the children remember proper manners."

- Daycare provider Jenny Warner


"From an educator's perspective, 
I say thank you. We assume that all children have been instructed by their parents on proper manners. Well  this is not always the case. This DVD is a great asset in the classroom as well as a tool for conversation that parents can use too."

- Principal Beth Behnke of St John Catholic School.


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